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looking down on the crowd

GOP Rep. Darrell Issa retreated to the rooftop as protesters gathered outside his office building

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) stood on the roof of his district office in California on Tuesday as his protesting constituents gathered outside the building. Per Politico's Jake Sherman, Issa was reportedly filming the protesters below as he looked on from his rooftop perch.

Mike Levin, Issa's Democratic opponent in the 2018 congressional race, tweeted both the rooftop picture and a photo of Issa talking to the "several hundred" gathered in front of his office. Levin claimed Issa "came out for 5 minutes but refused to engage with those across the street." It wasn't clear whether this happened before or after Issa decided to retreat to the roof.

Issa's office has been swarmed with protesters since Trump's inauguration, as his constituents grow increasingly frustrated with his voting record — particularly his vote in favor of the GOP-backed American Health Care Act — and the policies of President Trump, who Issa supported. The influx of protesters recently prompted the city of Vista to introduce new rules to address crowd safety and noise concerns.