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trouble in paradise?

Kellyanne Conway's husband just mocked Trump on Twitter

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at dinner at the Conways' house tonight! Kellyanne Conway's husband, George Conway, fired off what appeared to be his first original tweet in two years on Monday — and it was an attack on President Trump.

Despite being married to one of the president's most loyal and successful defenders, George Conway apparently couldn't help but comment on Trump's assertion that "the Justice Department should have stayed with the original travel ban, not the watered-down, politically correct version they submitted to [the Supreme Court]."

George Conway was reportedly under consideration to lead the Civil Division of the Department of Justice, although he withdrew from consideration last week. Earlier this year, Conway was also reportedly a finalist for the U.S. solicitor general position itself.

"I have reluctantly concluded … that for me and my family, this is not the right time for me to leave the private sector and take on a new role in the federal government," Conway said in a statement last week. "Kellyanne and I continue to support the president and his administration, and I look forward to doing so in whatever way I can from outside the government."