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A McChicken sparked a brawl at a Des Moines McDonald's

You can't rush a good McChicken sandwich, yet having to wait for one caused a fight between an impatient customer and employees at a McDonald's in Des Moines, Iowa.

The brawl might have been forgotten like the Big N' Tasty were it not for Amanda Gravely, an intrepid customer waiting for ice cream in the drive thru. She watched as a blonde woman inside the restaurant became "irate" over not having her McChicken right away, and Gravely started filming as she finally received her sandwich and then promptly threw it in the employee's face. "It just escalated really quickly," Gravely told Fox 6.

From there, the customer tumbled across the counter, and two men who were with her held employees back as she started pulling the other woman's hair and hitting her with her knee, all while her McChicken got cold on the floor next to her. Before police could arrive, the customers took off, and authorities are now trying to identify them. If there's one thing Gravely wants people to remember, it's this: "Life's too short to get that mad over a chicken sandwich."