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health-care battle

Trump is lunching with Republican senators today to discuss ObamaCare repeal

President Trump is sitting down to lunch with 13 Republican senators on Tuesday to "discuss the status" of the GOP ObamaCare replacement bill, Politico Playbook reports. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is reportedly gunning for a June vote to repeal ObamaCare, although some insiders tell Politico that the target has slipped into July.

"Senate Republicans are aggressively trying to rein in expectations for their ObamaCare repeal effort, wary of blowing a deadline or falling short of 50 votes on a promise that has driven the GOP's political strategy for much of the past decade," Politico writes.

Republicans are navigating tricky terrain, especially as ObamaCare remains largely popular with most Americans:

Senate Republicans additionally do not plan to publicly release their draft health-care bill, two senior Senate GOP aides said Monday. Read the full scoop at Politico.