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Suspected suicide bomber shot at Brussels train station

Belgian authorities say a man was shot Tuesday night at the Brussels Central Station after a failed bombing.

A spokesman for the Belgium Prosecutor's Office said there was a "small explosion" in the station and "the suspect was neutralized by soldiers." No civilians were hurt, Eric Van Der Sypt said, and he is not sure if the suspect is dead or alive. The station was evacuated and is now closed.

Witness Sandor Moors told CNN he was on a downstairs platform waiting for a train when he heard two bangs and then screaming, followed by gunfire. He ran upstairs to flee, and says he saw a man with three bullet wounds. "I don't know if he survived," he said. "He looked dead." Authorities are calling this a failed terrorist attack, and the country's threat level remains at a 3, meaning there is a "possible and likely threat."