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With props and Sesame Street simplicity, Kellyanne Conway does her best to spin the latest Russia scandal

Kellyanne Conway had some "fun with words" Wednesday when talking to Fox News' Sean Hannity about the media's obsession with the unfolding Russia story. "This is to help all the people at home," Conway said, holding up a sign that said Conclusion? at the top and Collusion, with an X over it, on the bottom.

"What's the conclusion?" she asked patiently. "Collusion? No. We don't have that yet." Conway then held up a sign that read Illusion and Delusion. "I see illusion and delusion," she said.

For good measure, Conway walked through the whole thing one more time, Sesame Street-style. "Collusion? No. Illusion and delusion? Yes." Enjoy the visual aide below. Jeva Lange