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Trump drops attack ad targeting 'the president's enemies': Democrats and the media

The Trump campaign released a new attack ad Sunday entitled, "Let President Trump Do His Job." The 30-second spot decries "the president's enemies" — namely, Democrats, the media, and career politicians — and suggests average Americans would be happy were Trump's agenda simply allowed to move forward unhindered. (Trump's approval rating is a historically low 38 percent.)

The ad also credits Trump for achievements including "more Americans working than ever before" and "the strongest military in decades."

Initial responses to the clip suggested its tone was inappropriate so soon after lethal violence at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville. Others noted the ad's incongruity with Trump's own calls for unity, and that the "enemy" language offered an arguably harsher denunciation of the press than of the suspected domestic terrorism in Virginia.

Watch the ad below to see for yourself. Bonnie Kristian