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It wasn't all bad

Life-saving act lands paramedic student a coveted internship

With one quick act of bravery, Will Stewart saved a life — and landed himself an internship. The Sacramento State student was waiting in a café before an interview for a paramedic internship when he noticed a man choking. Stewart administered the Heimlich maneuver and cleared the patron's airway. Shortly after, he interviewed around the corner with ambulance field supervisor Fred Motlo, who was unaware of the incident in the coffee shop. When the café owner found out Stewart was up for the internship, he told Motlo about Stewart's heroic act, and encouraged him to offer him the job, which he did. Stewart starts in his new role with San Luis Ambulance in October. "I still feel pretty good about it," Stewart told WKMG. "It gives me a tingly feeling in my chest, like, 'Hey, I helped someone.'"