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Flynn, Bannon, Kushner secretly met with Jordan's king days before inauguration

Just before President Trump took office, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, former Trump chief strategist Stephen Bannon, and Trump senior adviser Jared Kushner had a "secret meeting" with Jordan's King Abdullah II, BuzzFeed News reported Friday. The Jan. 5 meeting — details of which were not disclosed by the Trump team — happened as Flynn continued to lobby for a controversial nuclear power project in the Middle East.

People close to the Trump advisers claim the deal was not discussed, but a federal official with access to a document about the meeting says it was. BuzzFeed noted that if this were the case, the meeting "had extremely high stakes: a discussion with the head of a key American ally that might have included plans about spreading nuclear power to one of the world's least stable regions, possibly with the help of one of America's main geopolitical enemies, Russia."

It emerged earlier this week that Flynn continued to lobby for the nuclear plant project during his brief tenure at the White House, and that he'd apparently failed to note in his security clearance forms a trip to the Middle East to explore this nuclear power project and his contacts with Israeli and Egyptian government officials.