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Chris Christie says Robert Mueller must be 'very, very careful' to demonstrate integrity

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie argued on CNN's State of the Union Sunday that it is "incumbent" on Special Counsel Robert Mueller to "hold himself to the highest possible standard" in his Russia investigation so he will not be fired by President Trump and his conclusions will not be in doubt.

"Well listen, I think that he has to be very, very careful about making sure that the public believes that he has no conflicts and that his integrity is unquestioned," Christie told host Jake Tapper. "I think Director Mueller has to continue to review that with his own legal staff. I have not yet seen anything that makes me think he must step down, that there's an absolutely indisputable conflict, but I think he's gotta be careful and be watching this all the time."

Christie also reiterated that, to his knowledge, Trump himself is not under investigation:

"The last news that we've received, Jake, publicly is that the president was told he’s not under investigation," Christie said. "We've heard nothing to the contrary."