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CNN's Jake Tapper turns Lindsey Graham's Trump-tied media criticism back on him, using Lindsey Graham

Between his digressive speeches, clinging to pet conspiracy theories, and potentially dangerous tweeting (and retweeting), President Trump has raised some concerns among observers about his mental state. Most of the relevant stories about Trump come from Republicans, but allies like Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) don't want people jumping to conclusions. "What concerns me about the American press is this endless, endless attempt to label the guy as some kind of kook not fit to be president," Graham told CNN on Wednesday morning. On Wednesday night, CNN's Jake Tapper pointed out why that's so funny.

"Now, I have never said, and I don't think anybody here has ever said, that the president is a kook, or that he's unfit to be president," Tapper said to his panel, which had been discussing Trump's retweets of anti-Muslim videos, "but you know who has?"

"What a difference a year makes," Tapper said. But Graham isn't wrong that reporters are expressing concern that Trump is becoming a little unhinged. For example, here, again on CNN, is New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman discussing what might be going on in Trump's head, and in his West Wing. Peter Weber