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College classmates discover they're long-lost brothers

When Kieron Graham got the results back from a DNA test, he recognized the name of someone listed as a close family member — it was one of his college classmates, who lived within 15 minutes of him.

Graham was adopted at three months old; his mother, Shawn Ghant, said at the time she "felt like I could not give him what he needed." His family was very open about his adoption, and Graham said he always wondered about his biological family. His adoptive mother gave him an Ancestry.com DNA test as an early Christmas present, and when the results came back last week, he found that Vincent Ghant was his long-lost brother.

Ghant and Graham are classmates at Kennesaw State University, and share the same major (political science) and minor (legal studies). Graham contacted Ghant on Facebook, and "we didn't even know what to say at first," he told WFAA."He was just kind of like, 'Is this real? You're my brother.'" Ghant is 29, and remembered giving his little brother a bottle and changing his diapers. They've been "inseparable" this past week, Ghant told Good Morning America, and the Graham and Ghant families are looking forward to spending their first Christmas together. Catherine Garcia