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A white Christmas indeed

Erie, Pennsylvania, got hammered with 5 feet of snow in 2 days

A massive Christmas snowfall buried Erie, Pennsylvania, the state's fourth largest city, in a record five feet of snow, with up to three inches an hour blanketing the area, the National Weather Service reported Tuesday. A total of at least 60 inches fell over two days, starting Christmas Eve, with most of it coming between Christmas morning and Tuesday.

The snowfall broke local and state records and disrupted travel around the Great Lakes and left ambulances unable to reach some patients. "They don't have vehicles high enough, so we are currently working with the national guard to be able to deploy Humvee ambulances to assist them," said Richard Flinn, the secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Emergency Management.

In case you're wondering what 55-plus inches of snow looks like, check out some of the pictures below. Harold Maass