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You're going to want to wake up early tomorrow for this rare lunar phenomenon

There are very few compelling reasons to set your alarm for before 6 a.m., but millions of Americans will have a pretty good one Wednesday morning. Before the sun comes up, there will be a trifecta of concurrent rare lunar events — the first time they've all overlapped in 150 years, USA Today reports. The resulting phenomenon, called a "Super Blue Blood Moon," refers to the moon being a supermoon, blue moon, and eclipsing at the same time.

To break all that down: A supermoon is when the moon is closest to Earth, and therefore bigger and brighter than usual. A blue moon refers to it being the second full moon of the month. "Blood" refers to the red tint the moon gets during a total lunar eclipse. If you really want to go crazy, you can also throw in "snow" too, as a snow moon is a nickname for the second full moon of the year.

The spectacle is best viewed west of Kentucky, as the moon will set in the east as the eclipse progresses, BuzzFeed News reports. Learn when the Super Blue Blood Moon is visible in your area here, and watch NASA break down why this is so cool below. Jeva Lange