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It wasn't all bad

After spending 10 years on the streets of Chicago, lost cat reunited with family

For a decade, Laura Kleban thought her cat, Oliver, had been hit by a car after he ran away from home. It turns out, he's been alive this whole time, calling the streets of Chicago's River North neighborhood home.

A group of volunteers who trap cats so they can get spayed or neutered spotted Oliver and several other felines this weekend. With the help of a security guard who said she'd been feeding Oliver for the past six years, he was captured and brought to PAWS Chicago animal shelter. There, he was scanned for a microchip, and they discovered he had a family in Lake Zurich, 37 miles away.

Kleban and Oliver were reunited on Monday, and Kleban said Oliver was "just as big as I remember." The last time Kleban saw Oliver, he was 2 and she was 17, and she told CBS Chicago it was "so weird" to see him again. The volunteers said it felt "amazing" to bring Kleban and Oliver back together, and Kleban called them her "heroes." Catherine Garcia