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More than 90,000 valentines have been sent to Cincinnati Children's Hospital this year

There are about 500 patients at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, and they're being showered with Valentine's Day messages from around the world.

The hospital has a program set up where Valentine's Day messages can be sent digitally, then staff print them out and deliver them to patients. This system lowers the risk of spreading infections in the hospital while still letting kids celebrate the day. Manager of Annual Giving Liz Smith told WLWT that the program has grown steadily over the years, with 10,000 valentines sent in 2017 and a whopping 90,000 so far this year. "A very sweet, kind teen in Kentucky sent out a tweet to her friends and followers, asking for help to send messages to our patients," Smith said. "It's received more than 75,000 retweets, more than 100,000 likes."

The messages help cheer patients up, serving as reminders they've got people thinking about them. After one delivery, a mom came up to Smith and said receiving cards "just made her child's day. He was having a rough day, and the card just completely turned that around." To send a valentine to Cincinnati Children's Hospital, click here.