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Nashville's Democratic mayor resigns after affair with her former bodyguard

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry (D) agreed to resign Tuesday, a month after admitting to having an affair with her then-bodyguard, Sgt. Robert Forrest, The Associated Press reports. Barry's resignation is part of her plea deal to a charge of felony theft of more than $10,000; Nashville's City Council had been investigating if she misappropriated thousands of dollars of public funds related to the affair, The Tennessean reports.

Barry, 54, had confessed to her nearly two-year affair with Forrest, 58, at the end of January; they are both married. Court documents show that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation found what appeared to be nude photos of Barry taken on Forrest's phone while he was on duty. Forrest "racked up hundreds of hours of overtime in Nashville, escorting the mayor to hot yoga classes and hockey games, late-night concerts and trendy restaurants," The Tennessean writes. "The review found, in some instances, there were no events on Barry's calendar during hours Forrest earned overtime pay."

Barry has confirmed her relationship with Forrest is over. She was sentenced to three years probation and a fine on Tuesday. Vice Mayor David Briley will be sworn in as her replacement.

Barry's resignation is a particularly brutal blow to Democrats, who saw her as a popular new leader. Before the TBI revelations, she had a 61 percent job approval rating.