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Sessions has assigned a federal prosecutor to investigate FBI misconduct

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday named Utah's federal prosecutor John Huber as lead of the investigation into a series of allegations against the FBI. Sessions decided against appointing a special counsel, unless Huber later recommends one, a letter from the attorney general to three Republican chairmen explained.

Huber will be tasked with investigating allegations that the FBI abused its powers, CNN reports, after Republicans called for a probe into the surveillance of a former Trump campaign adviser. Sessions revealed that Huber has already been looking into the accusation, as well as a claim that Hillary Clinton should have been more closely investigated for her alleged ties to a Russian nuclear energy agency.

The decision not to appoint a special counsel, reports CNN, will likely be unwelcome news to those in the GOP who say that federal agencies are neglecting to thoroughly investigate important allegations due to political bias. In his letter, Sessions reassured the chairmen that if Huber found a need for a special counsel, he would appoint one.

"We understand that the [Department of Justice] is not above criticism and it can never be that the department conceals errors when they occur," wrote Sessions. Read more at CNN.