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Crisis in Syria

Russia says there are 'no traces' of a chemical attack in Syria. The U.S. disagrees.

Officials in Russia and the United States are at odds in determining the circumstances of a deadly attack in Douma, Syria. The suspected chemical attack reportedly killed at least 70 and injured 1,000 more.

The Russian military said Monday that it found "no trace" of the use of chemical weapons, Reuters reports. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Russian experts sent to Douma had examined patients and found no symptoms of chemical poisoning.

But U.S. officials disagree. The symptoms of those affected by the attack were consistent with those caused by a nerve agent, the State Department told Reuters on Monday. "The [Douma] victims' symptoms, reported by credible medical professionals and visible in social media photos and video, are consistent with an asphyxiation agent and of a nerve agent of some type," the department said.

The Syrian government has denied responsibility for the attack. President Trump denounced Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who backs Assad's regime, in response to the attack, blaming the two leaders for the "humanitarian disaster." Trump additionally pledged to decide this week whether to retaliate with military action.