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It wasn't all bad

Student and principal, both playing hooky, run into each other at Cubs game

Tucker Speckman was hoping his principal would see him on television, in the stands of Wrigley Field for the Chicago Cubs home opener on Tuesday, but Patrick Versluis saw him in person because he was playing hooky, too.

Speckman, a fourth-grader at Wells Elementary School, made a sign that read, "Skipping School. Shh! Don't tell Principal Versluis." He didn't make it on television — although Major League Baseball did tweet out his photo — but Speckman was able to show Versluis his sign when they ran into each other at the stadium. "I wasn't nervous because I know he's such a great principal he wouldn't be mad or anything," Speckman told WLS. Versluis said he had permission from his boss to attend the game on a school day and does not condone skipping class, but "I also believe in those experiences."