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This is how Fox News reported on Michael Cohen's big Sean Hannity reveal

Fox News was in the unusual position of reporting on one of its own hosts Monday.

An attorney for Michael Cohen, President Trump's personal attorney, revealed that a previously unnamed client of Cohen's was in fact Fox News host Sean Hannity. The revelation came in court Monday at the behest of a federal judge, as Cohen has been attempting to block investigators from reading documents they seized in a raid of his home and office last week. Hannity denied that Cohen has represented him "in any matter," saying he had merely had "brief discussions" about legal questions with the attorney.

After the news broke, Fox's Laura Ingle went on-air to report the latest, breezing quickly past the revelation that one of her own coworkers was now involved in the Cohen story. Cohen's attorney was told that the name of the third client didn't fall under attorney-client privilege, Ingle explained, so "he stood up, and named him as Sean Hannity. So moving on to the rest of what's happening today … "

Watch the attempted nonchalance below. Summer Meza