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CNN's Chris Cuomo combatively pushes Israel's Netanyahu on his lack of 'new proof' about Iran's nuclear capabilities

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed Monday that Iran operates a secret nuclear program and that the landmark nuclear deal between Tehran and six world powers is "based on lies." CNN's Chris Cuomo challenged Netanyahu's allegations on New Day on Tuesday, calling into question whether the prime minister's statements were made with any sort of "new proof."

The clash came early in the pair's combative conversation, with Cuomo noting that Michael Hayden, the former head of the CIA and the NSA, said he "didn't learn anything new" from Israel's report. "Even the U.S. statement from the White House changed from has to had," Cuomo pointed out. "That [Iran] has an active nuclear program, to had. And it seems to be that the message is, 'We knew this already.'"

Netanyahu shrugged off Cuomo's challenge. "Well, I think no one had better intelligence on Iran than Israel," he said, adding that from thousands of files "we've learned an enormous amount about Iran's secret nuclear program." Cuomo, though, pushed Netanyahu on his bid for transparency when he isn't perhaps being so transparent himself. Watch the full interview below. Jeva Lange