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Snoop Dogg sets a record by making the world's largest gin and juice

Snoop Dogg has his mind on more than just money — the rapper is now breaking records, having mixed the biggest gin and juice the world has ever seen.

At the BottleRock Napa Valley Music Festival in Northern California on Saturday, Snoop Dogg, hip-hop legend Warren G, and Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio stirred up a Guinness World Record for the "largest paradise cocktail" ever made. A paradise cocktail, per The Mercury News, is described as being an official pre-dinner drink, as determined by the International Bartenders Association.

They had to use a gigantic glass that was five feet tall and three feet wide, able to hold slightly more than 145 gallons. While Snoop Dogg's 1994 classic "Gin and Juice" mentions both Seagram's and Tanqueray, this concoction called for 180 bottles of Hendricks gin, plus juice donated by Whole Foods. Paging Kelis: The world's largest milkshake — all 6,000 gallons of it — was made in 2000. The ball is now in your court.