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Sean Hannity is very disappointed with GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy over 'spygate'

House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) did quite a number on President Trump's "spygate" argument on Tuesday and Wednesday, and on Fox News Wednesday night, Sean Hannity didn't bother hiding his disapproval. "I listened to Chairman Gowdy today, who frankly I agree with on a lot of issues, he tried to play down what the president is rightly calling 'spygate,'" Hannity said, after spending a few minutes explaining why Attorney General Jeff Sessions should immediately "un-recuse" himself from the Russia investigation.

To prove that an "informant" is actually a spy, Hannity displayed the "thesaurus definition of the term 'spy' for all of you people in Congress, even those of you who claim to be lawyers," like Gowdy, a former federal prosecutor. (Why not a dictionary definition? It wasn't clear.) "And Chairman Gowdy praising the FBI's overall handling of the Russia probe? No, Chairman Gowdy," Hannity said, making his case with a string of rapid accusations that you might have to be a regular late-night Fox News viewer to understand. "Chairman Gowdy, you keeping up?" he asked. If the South Carolina congressman is a Hannity aficionado, he probably would have been. Watch below. Peter Weber