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where in the world is Melania trump?

Trump assures America that his wife hasn't left him and isn't 'near death'

First lady Melania Trump is just fine, thank you very much.

President Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday to castigate the "Fake News Media" for wondering where Melania has been. The first lady hasn't made a public appearance in weeks, since shortly before she was hospitalized for a benign kidney procedure. She attended an event alongside the president Monday, but it was closed to the press, so the conspiracy theories still swirled on social media.

Trump shut down several of those "vicious" theories, setting the record straight that the first lady has not left him, nor is she recovering from cosmetic surgery. He further decried the "Fake News" for refusing to report on an apparent sighting of Melania. The first lady was "walking merrily along to a meeting," claimed the president, but four unnamed reporters supposedly declined to report on her well-being.

Melania, for her part, addressed the issue last week, telling Americans to "rest assured" that she's "feeling great" at the White House.