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Trump proposes new immigration policy: 'I'm sorry, you can't come in'

Why have a bunch of laws when you can just have one?

President Trump on Tuesday reportedly gave members of Congress some advice in crafting immigration laws, telling them it should be a "simple" policy that communicates to immigrants: "I'm sorry, you can't come in."

Trump told Congress that the nation's "hodgepodge of laws" is overly complicated, Bloomberg reported. "It's so simple," he said. He also said that he planned to "discuss" increased funding for a border wall, one of his many ideas for stemming immigration to the U.S.

Lawmakers are scrambling to craft new policies to address Trump's zero tolerance immigration policy, which led to separations of immigrant parents and children at the border. The president reversed the practice with an executive order, and border officials announced Monday that the retreat forces them to suspend prosecutions of undocumented immigrants until the administration sorts out how to detain them without violating federal law regarding the detention of children.

Members of Congress have been fiercely debating the Trump administration's handling of immigration, with many Republicans seeking a compromise and Democrats denouncing the zero tolerance policy as a a whole, calling it "inhumane."

At least Trump's latest proposed policy comes with an apology? Read more from Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Jacobs.