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Last Week Tonight today

John Oliver is extremely pessimistic about the Trump SCOTUS pick: 'There is no good news!'

If you thought last week was bad — well, John Oliver is not here to make you feel better. After teasing that there might be a constitutional loophole for Democrats to stop President Trump's inevitably conservative Supreme Court nominee to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, the Last Week Tonight host pulled the rug out from under everyone: "I am obviously lying here!" he announced. "There is no good news, everything is terrible now."

Oliver acknowledged the tendency for Democrats to hope everything might turn out okay, noting that we're now due for another round of the party's favorite game, "Hope Susan Collins Flips and Be Disappointed When She Doesn't!!!" He added helpfully that there are at least two key elections that "you should really try to vote in — one in 2016, and one in 2014, because that is what got us into this mess." Watch below, with the hilarious segment running until 7:05. Jeva Lange