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Will the real Ron Estes please stand up?

Ron M. Estes has a brilliant plan to defeat Ron G. Estes in a Kansas congressional race

In this corner of the Republican primary for Kansas' fourth congressional district, we have Ron Estes. And in the other corner, we ... also have Ron Estes.

Estes and Estes are in fact two separate people, and both are facing off for the same House seat. Incumbent Rep. Ron G. Estes (R) has held it for the past two years, and Ron M. Estes claims he's done a bad job. Their shared names having absolutely nothing to do with his candidacy, Ron M. tells The Wichita Eagle.

But Ron M. isn't making a very good case for this so-called coincidence. He's spent $2,000 on the race, mostly just to file his candidacy and build a website, per the Eagle. Oh, and that website boldly deems Ron M. "The Real Ron Estes." Fake Ron is busy representing "The Swamp" in Washington, D.C., the website's single press release claims.

Ron M. has made three unannounced public appearances around Kansas, mostly just introducing himself to people hanging around. There have been no Ron v. Ron debates and no "Real Ron" yard signs. Ron M. may have a 40-year career at Boeing, but The Eagle describes him as "the most reluctant, reserved candidate for Congress you can imagine."

"We've been a grass-roots campaign over social media," Ron M. claims. He's amassed 122 Twitter followers so far, and a Facebook page is nowhere to be found.

Ron G. will appear as Rep. Ron Estes on the Aug. 7 primary ballot, and Ron M. Estes will appear on the other side, definitely clearing up any confusion.