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FEMA personnel chief allegedly sexually harassed women for years

Federal Emergency Management Agency officials say that the agency's former personnel chief is being investigated following accusations of rampant sexual harassment, The Washington Post reports.

A female employee told FEMA Administrator William "Brock" Long she was harassed in 2015 by Corey Coleman, and Long forwarded her allegation to the general counsel's office, triggereing a seven-month internal investigation. During the inquiry it was discovered that Coleman hired men who were friends and fraternity brothers, the Post reports, and women he met at bars and while online-dating. Coleman allegedly promoted the women without going through the proper channels, and transferred others to different departments so his friends could try to initiate sexual relationships with them.

Coleman led the the agency's personnel department from 2011 to June 18, resigning right before his interview with investigators, FEMA officials told the Post. Long said the HR department is "toxic," and the investigation is "not going to stop" with Coleman. Due to Coleman's "unacceptable leadership style," many good employees left the agency, Long said, and there are now several unqualified people on staff that he hired. For more on the investigation and Coleman's relationships with women he hired, visit The Washington Post.