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Rudy Giuliani and Jay Sekulow will literally host Sean Hannity's radio show

When the host is away, the attorneys will play.

President Trump's legal advisers Jay Sekulow and Rudy Giuliani are guest hosting Sean Hannity's syndicated radio show Friday, the media personality announced on Twitter.

The two lawyers will apparently be discussing the "unprecedented level of corruption" in the investigation into whether the Trump campaign was involved with Russian election interference. Hannity's radio show, which runs daily for three hours, will likely be no problem for Trump's attorneys — Sekulow hosts a radio show of his own for the American Center for Law and Justice, reports The Hill, and Giuliani has been on a seemingly nonstop media blitz for weeks.

Hannity, a close friend of Trump's, frequently invites the president's legal representatives to appear on his primetime Fox News show. In case there was any mystery as to what stance the lawyers would take in discussing corruption in the FBI, Giuliani went on Hannity just last night to repeatedly call the Russia probe "illegitimate." Now, listeners will be treated to a full three hours of Giuliani's often-baffling defense of Hannity's pal Trump.