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Stop the Tweeting

Trump tweets 'proof' of Google's bias against him. Google immediately debunks it.

The pinned tweet on President Trump's semi-official Twitter feed is a video the White House threw together to further bolster Trump's unlikely claim that Google is out to get him. It purports to show that Google promoted all of former President Barack Obama's State of the Union addresses but none of Trump's.

Google responded pretty quickly, explaining that it did not promote Trump's 2017 speech because it was a joint address to Congress not a State of the Union speech, but did promote his SOTU address this year.

You may be surprised to learn that Google, maybe the world's largest curator of knowledge, appears to be right here.

Accuracy may not be Trump's point, though. "Trump, using more anecdote than evidence, is doing unto Google, Facebook, and Twitter what he helped do to mainstream media," says Axios: "Persuade a big chunk of America they are biased — and fake."