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Nikki Haley wrote a non-anonymous op-ed to criticize the anonymous op-ed

Nikki Haley really, really doesn't want you to think she wrote that op-ed. So she wrote her own.

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations put her name on a piece for The Washington Post on Friday, using it to slam whoever wrote Wednesday's anonymous New York Times op-ed. Whenever Haley doesn't agree with President Trump, she'll talk to him "directly," she wrote — and this nameless detractor should've done the same.

In her Friday Post op-ed, Haley was sure to point out that she is also a senior Trump official, much like whoever authored the Times op-ed and declared themselves to be part of an internal White House "resistance" to Trump. That makes her a busy person, so "it's unfortunate that I have to take time to write this," Haley wrote. But by anonymously and publicly challenging the president, the "cowardly" nameless author "sows mistrust" among government workers and "unfairly casts doubt on the president in a way that cannot be directly refuted."

Haley acknowledged that "Mr. or Ms. Anonymous" has the right to challenge the president. After all, "dissent is as American as apple pie," she wrote. But she'll call or meet the president in person when she disagrees with him, and a fellow senior official should have that same access. So if this challenger doesn't want to "step up" and do that, Haley says, there is "no shame" in resigning.

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