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GOP Rep. Steve King retweeted a white nationalist again

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) is agreeing with white nationalists on Twitter again.

King on Wednesday tweeted a complaint that "leftists" call people "Nazis" when they really want to say "racist," additionally accusing said leftists of being akin to Nazis in that both are "socialists." In doing so, King retweeted a white nationalist who runs an alt-right media company that reportedly peddles Holocaust denial, racism, and denounces interracial marriage.

King's tweets have drawn criticism before, like when he railed against the scourge of multiculturalism, or when he retweeted a Nazi sympathizer to warn of the dangers of migration. Neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer said last year that King was "basically a white nationalist at this point," after he agreed with an anti-immigrant politician from the Netherlands. King defended himself earlier this year by saying he didn't know who he was retweeting, just that he agreed with the message.