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Even Fox & Friends thinks a national emergency declaration is a really bad idea

As President Trump continues to weigh a possible national emergency declaration, he's receiving some serious pushback from his favorite morning show.

Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade said Thursday that under no circumstances should Trump seek to end the partial government shutdown by declaring a national emergency in order to get his proposed border wall funded without congressional approval, per Mediaite.

"It would be a disaster in the big picture and it would show us being inept and unable to govern around the world," Kilmeade said. "It would set a terrible precedent."

Kilmeade warned Republicans that if Trump declares a national emergency over the border wall, the next Democratic president could do the same thing for one of their core issues, such as combating climate change. "This would be a bad sign that the courts are forced to do something that politicians can't," he added.

But the hosts seemed to think there's a pretty good chance this is how things shake out, with Steve Doocy citing White House officials as saying this is "probably the option he's going to take." Watch the Fox & Friends segment below. Brendan Morrow