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Roger Stone says he is 'falsely accused' and will 'not testify against the president'

Roger Stone on Friday said he will plead not guilty to the seven charges against him, arguing he has been "falsely accused" while channeling former President Richard Nixon.

The longtime adviser to President Trump stepped out to speak with reporters after his arrest and indictment Friday and flashed a hand sign popularized by Nixon, for whom Stone once worked. As a crowd chanted "lock him up," Stone said he did not make false statements to Congress and insisted "any error I made in my testimony would be both immaterial and without intent."

He went on to claim that "this is a politically motivated investigation" and said he would not testify against Trump, emphasizing that he remains a "fervent supporter" of his.

Stone also suggested that the bright side of all of this is that at least he's in the news for something. "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about," he said. Watch Stone's statement below. Brendan Morrow