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Fox & Friends thinks 'extreme weather' owns the libs

Fox & Friends has reached the bizarre conclusion that when liberals use the term "extreme weather," it's somehow a sign of defeat in arguing that climate change exists.

Co-host Ed Henry on Friday morning's show teased an upcoming segment. "We know it's cold outside. Now the left is actually using new terms for global warming like 'extreme weather,'" he said. "Why do they keep changing the language? Are they just pushing the same old agenda with new words?"

Before an interview with broadcaster Mike Slater, a graphic appeared to explain "the left's shifting terminology," with "global warming" becoming "climate change" and "climate change" becoming "extreme weather." Slater told Henry that the left is "not winning the argument" on climate change and so they "change the words," just like how they apparently changed "undocumented immigrant" to "DREAMers," though the latter term specifically refers to undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as minors. He also insisted the reason scientists stopped using the term "global warming" is that it's "a hard sell when it's six degrees outside."

Henry laughed through the segment and chimed in to say, "Anytime there's bad weather, they're going to say, 'ah, we're right!'" The segment weirdly concluded with Slater arguing that it's members of the Tea Party who really care about protecting the environment because at their protests they were "always cleaning up after themselves." Watch the segment below, via Media Matters. Brendan Morrow