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Chris Christie says he may run for president in 2024: 'Why not?'

If you're already exhausted from hearing about the 2020 election, well, get ready to start hearing about the 2024 election.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, in yet another interview to promote his new book, was asked by radio host Hugh Hewitt whether running for president in 2024 is on the table, per CNN's Betsy Klein. Christie's response? "Yeah, listen, why not?"

Christie went on to explain that he would not run simply "to go through the exercise" but that if he "saw a pathway to victory and a way to make a difference, I would certainly consider it." The former governor previously ran for president in 2016 after considering a run in 2012. He made it to the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary, dropping out after coming in sixth place with less than seven percent of the vote, per NPR. Christie subsequently endorsed then-candidate Donald Trump and led his transition team for a few months.

This is not the first time Christie has floated another presidential run on his book tour. He previously told BuzzFeed News he'd consider another bid for the White House, explaining that he'd be 62 by 2024 but that's "still 10 years younger than the president is now. And like 15 years younger than Joe Biden. So, you know, the field is open. 60 is the new 50." He also suggested at one point he could even launch another White House bid more immediately; KESQ-TV reports that at a recent event, when asked if he might run in 2020, Christie said he likely won't but added, "Never say never."