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Trump reportedly told Kim Jong Un he's not 'messed up' like other people who grew up rich

President Trump apparently once told North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un that he's very impressed he isn't "messed up."

CNN reports that when Trump and Kim last met for their 2018 summit in Singapore, Trump said that he knows plenty of people who grew up as part of a wealthy and powerful family who turned out "messed up." But Kim, Trump said, is not among them.

This was evidently part of Trump's efforts to "flatter his way to nuclear peace in Asia," doing so by appealing to Kim's "sense of ego," CNN writes. Trump, who is set to meet with Kim a second time this week, has described himself as having a "great relationship" with North Korea's leader, also saying last year that they "fell in love."

CNN's report also includes some other new details about Trump's previous meeting with Kim, which apparently included Kim asking Trump if he trusts him, and Trump responding that he does, although saying that he finds him to be "sneaky" but "not too sneaky."