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The Mueller report is apparently between 300 and 1,000 pages long

No one knows what Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report contains, but we do know that it's 700 pages long. Wait — make that 300. No, maybe 900.

In the days following Mueller's submission of a report on the Trump campaign's conduct surrounding Russian election interference, followers have hunted high and low for any indication of what it may say, aside from Attorney General William Barr's brief four-page memo characterizing the findings. Members of Congress, reporters, and the general public are fiending for even a sense of how long it may be, content be damned.

The New York Times reported on Thursday that the secret report is "more than 300 pages long," citing officials "with knowledge of it." There's just one problem — another source "with knowledge" told CNN it could be more like 400 pages.

On Wednesday, Politico's Kyle Cheney said Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) called the report a "very substantial" document clocking in at "less than 1,000 pages."

Earlier in the day, Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano said multiple times that the document is a "700-page report," which was in itself "a summary of two million pages of documents of raw evidence," per The Daily Beast.

Melville House publisher Dennis Johnson, who is hoping to publish the report as a book if it's made public, told Vox "the rumor is that it's a shorter document than expected."

As Bloomberg's Steven Dennis pointed out, even 300 pages could mean a variety of things: "single-spaced or double? How many words? Font?"

ABC News writes that it's "unclear whether the Justice Department will ever be willing to say how many pages comprise Mueller's final report." At least we'll know whether we're in for a brief peruse of a magazine-length document or a serious slog through a Proust-length exposé within "weeks, not months."