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and here we go again

Alternative Brexit plans were struck down in Parliament. Again.

Britain's Parliament voted again Monday on four alternative Brexit withdrawal plans. But still no progress was made, despite one deal, a "permanent and comprehensive U.K.-wide customs union" with the European Union, falling just six votes short of a majority.

Members of Parliament showed some signs of exasperation at this point, with the April 12 withdrawal date drawing closer. Nick Boles, a Conservative MP who proposed one of the four plans on the table on Monday, is resigning his position as party whip because of his colleagues' inability to compromise, The Guardian reports.

Ian Blackford, the leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party at Westminster, warned that the Scottish MPs have been ignored throughout the process and that Scotland will one day soon have its independence.

A no-deal Brexit is looking more and more likely, but it's not inevitable yet, The Associated Press reports. The British government will continue to pursue support for Prime Minister Theresa May's withdrawal agreement, which has already been voted down three separate times. Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay told AP that May's plan is now the only way forward.