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Mick Mulvaney says Democrats will 'never' get to see Trump's tax returns

President Trump's tax returns will "never" be turned over to Democrats, acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said on Fox News Sunday, calling their request "a political stunt."

"That is not going to happen and they know it," Mulvaney said, adding that Democrats have no business seeing the returns. Last week, House Ways and Means Chair Richard Neal (D-Mass.) formally requested six years of Trump's tax returns, both personal and business, from the IRS. He is one of three congressional officials with the authority to request the returns, and said he did so in order to review the agency's policy of auditing sitting presidents. He gave the IRS until April 10 to send over the returns.

Under a 1924 statute, when an authorized person makes a request for returns, the Treasury Department "shall furnish" them, and if it's done without the taxpayer's consent, the returns must be reviewed by members of Congress in "closed executive session," The Associated Press reports. Unlike previous presidents, Trump has not voluntarily released his tax returns, claiming he is both under audit and they are too complicated for the average person to understand. IRS officials have said a person who is being audited is not prohibited from releasing their tax returns.