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Trump Fed pick Herman Cain likens his critics to 'the devil'

Responding to the backlash against him, Herman Cain on Monday said those who are critical of him are "the devil," and he will wear "the full armor of God" in order to protect himself.

Cain is the former chairman and CEO of Godfather's Pizza and a 2012 Republican presidential candidate, who dropped out of the race after several women accused him of sexual misconduct; he denied the allegations. Last week, President Trump said he plans on nominating Cain, one of his loyalists and the founder of a pro-Trump super PAC, to the Federal Reserve Board.

Critics say Cain is too partisan and doesn't have the right experience to be on the board, but he maintains that because he served in an advisory role at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, he is in fact the perfect person for the job. During the Monday edition of his Facebook show, Cain said he is the victim of "hack attacks," and people are saying "negative, unfair, insane things" about him because he is an "outspoken voice of conservatism," Reuters reports.