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Trump says he considered Ivanka for World Bank president because 'she's very good with numbers'

President Trump confirmed that he considered picking his daughter to be president of the World Bank.

Trump spoke with The Atlantic as part of a profile of his daughter published Friday, and he revealed that he "thought of Ivanka for the World Bank." In fact, he sounded slightly disappointed that he didn't end up going with her, explaining, "she would've been great at that because she's very good with numbers."

The Financial Times reported in January that Ivanka Trump was one of the candidates being considered for the position, an idea that was panned by those on the left. The White House said a few days later that she would not be a candidate for the position but would help select the president's nominee. Trump ended up nominating David Malpass, who was approved as World Bank president on April 5.

World Bank president isn't the only major job Trump has considered his daughter for, though. The Atlantic writes that Ivanka is "at the top of her father's mind" whenever an administration position opens up, and he considered picking her to replace Nikki Haley as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

"She would've been great at the United Nations, as an example," Trump told The Atlantic, saying he only didn't nominate his daughter because "if I did, they'd say nepotism, when it would've had nothing to do with nepotism. But she would've been incredible." The president evidently thinks his daughter is suited to take over his job one day as well, saying, "If she ever wanted to run for president. I think she'd be very, very hard to beat."