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CNN's Chris Cuomo explains why Trump is 'mired in the mud of minority approval' despite all his 'good fortune'

President Trump has been very active on Twitter this week, and on Tuesday he complained twice that he's not getting enough credit for the strong economy:

Trump also lobbed several attacks at the news media, including calling Joe Scarborough "Morning Psycho (Joe)" and mocking CNN's Chris Cuomo for his allegedly "unsuccessful prime time slot." On CNN Tuesday night, Cuomo accepted Trump's critique but argued that "the president should consider his own criticism," because "he is mired in the mud of minority approval."

Trump "has a tailwind economy from the past president, [Barack] Obama, a market-juicing tax cut, record unemployment, thank God no one has succeeded in hurting us horribly, he has a media that is totally attentive, he had both houses of Congress to start with, and he still isn't at 50 percent," Cuomo said. "I don't think any other modern president could boast more good fortune," and "almost all had spikes over 50 percent. Not this president."

Cuomo offered an explanation for Trump's perpetually middling polls: "His mouth and his moral judgments — days like today, attacking everyone, flouting law, not leading, not making anything great, let alone 'again.'"

Trump's "big challenge ... is whether he can get past his mouth, see his flaws, and find ways to do better," Cuomo said. "Most administrations obsess on this; his seems completely blind, deaf, and dumb to it."