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It wasn't all bad

Girl saves best friend from choking the day after learning Heimlich maneuver

Just one day after learning the Heimlich maneuver, third-grader Shailyn Ryan was able to use her new skill to save her best friend's life.

Ryan and Keira Silvia were eating lunch last week at Marguerite Peaslee Elementary School in Northboro, Massachusetts, when Silvia's face turned red. Ryan could tell Silvia was choking on the hot dog she had been eating, and quickly jumped up and started to give the Heimlich maneuver, just like she had been taught.

Thanks to her friend's quick thinking, Silvia was able to cough up the hot dog. Her mother, Noel, told CBS Boston she is "so thankful, there are no words." Ryan has been taking safety courses at the Northboro Recreation Center, and because of her training, "I wasn't nervous because I knew how to do it," she said. Catherine Garcia