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a big nothingburger

Trump, seemingly mistakenly, suggests Russia helped him win the election

President Trump either made a really shocking admission about the 2016 election, or just sent out one of his typically confusing tweets.

On Thursday morning, in apparent response to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Wednesday statement, Trump tweeted that Russia used to be "all you heard" when Mueller first started his investigation. "And now Russia has disappeared because I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected," Trump continued, which, yes, is his first public admission that Russia aided in his 2016 run.

Considering Trump's history of being not too careful with his words, it seems unlikely that he really meant to say "Russia help[ed] me to get elected." And sure enough, about an hour later, he took it all back.

It all left The Daily Beast Editor-in-Chief Noah Shachtman with one big question: Did Mueller make the "investigative mistake of the decade" by not forcing an in-person interview with a president so prone to letting details slip?