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Seth Meyers looks back on Trump's trip to Europe, wonders why his 'weird adult sons' tagged along

President Trump's trip to Europe last week served two purposes, Seth Meyers said on Monday — it gave Trump a chance to show off "all the worst habits of American tourists" while also enriching himself.

Trump spent his time abroad "doing and saying dumb things in important places," Meyers said on Late Night, bringing his "signature weirdness" to Buckingham Palace, Normandy, and Ireland. While there, taxpayers paid for him to stay at a golf course he owns, and he inexplicably "toted his weird adult sons around with him, even though they don't work for the government and they run a family business, which is supposed to be independent of the White House."

All of Trump's self-dealings should be a huge scandal, Meyers said, since he's "enriching himself on the taxpayers' dime and mixing his personal business with the government." Former presidents like Jimmy Carter were careful to avoid any potential conflicts of interest, Meyers said, with Carter famously putting his peanut farm into a blind trust. "Can you imagine if Trump had a peanut farm?" Meyers said. "He'd be holding rallies there and selling jars of peanut butter with the presidential seal on them." Watch the video below. Catherine Garcia