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Cindy McCain doesn't see a 'voice of reason' in the GOP anymore

In Cindy McCain's eyes, no Republican comes even close to carrying on her late husband's legacy.

It's been nearly a year since longtime Arizona Sen. John McCain died, and it seems he took his willingness to reach across the aisle with him, Cindy McCain said in an interview with ABC News published Wednesday. Even McCain's close friend Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) doesn't seem to be the heir apparent to the late senator's legacy, though McCain wouldn't go so far as to criticize him or even President Trump.

John McCain had a penchant for bipartisanship during his time in the Senate, cementing that legacy as he proved a constabnt spurn to Trump and when he voted to end Republicans' chance at overturning ObamaCare. "That was a tough torch to carry," McCain told ABC News of McCain's middle-of-the-road views, and added that "I don't see anybody carrying that mantle at all, I don't see anyone carrying the voice — the voice of reason." McCain then went so far as to criticize the whole GOP, saying right now, it is "not the party of Abraham Lincoln ... nor the party of Ronald Reagan."

Yet when asked about the senator's close friend Graham, who has gone on to become a close ally of the president, Cindy McCain said she "will not be critical of Lindsey." Still, she said she "hope[s] that in the long run, everyone would begin to move in the right direction, including Lindsey or anybody else."

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