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John Delaney complains the DNC is 'kind of like Thanos' as he's set to miss the 3rd debate

Reality can't be whatever John Delaney wants.

The former congressman is among the 2020 Democrats who won't qualify for the third presidential debate in September after the Democratic National Committee upped the requirements, only inviting candidates who met a higher polling and fundraising threshold. The result will be a field about half as large as the last two debates. For that reason, an angry Delaney is breaking out the comparisons to the Mad Titan himself.

"They effectively cut out half the field," Delaney complained of the DNC, The Washington Examiner reports. "I don't think ultimately voters want that to happen ... I think they're kind of like Thanos, snapping their finger and trying to get rid of half the field."

Delaney went on to complain that the DNC's rules are shutting out sitting governors and members of Congress, suggesting they deserve a spot on the stage despite their dismal polling; the DNC's debate requirement was only two percent in four qualifying polls, plus 130,000 individual donations.

Now, Delaney is vowing to stay in the race, presumably with Avengers: Endgame-style plans to assemble an Infinity Gauntlet and do whatever it takes to rejoin his 2020 opponents. But considering Delaney is struggling to poll above zero percent, his return to the debate stage is, unlike Thanos, far from inevitable. Brendan Morrow