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2020 policy alert

Elizabeth Warren proposes a lifetime lobbying ban for major government officials

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) released a proposal Monday for an anti-corruption plan that Vox describes as her "legislative cornerstone."

Warren argues that the American people have lost faith in the U.S. government as Washington caters more and more to the "wealthy and well-connected," while leaving everyone else behind. Her latest proposal, as she seeks the Democratic presidential nomination, would attempt to end corruption in Washington, which she suggests has reached its zenith under the Trump administration.

One of the ways she would do this is by redefining the blurred lines in the world of lobbying. Warren would make it illegal for elected officials and top government appointees to become lobbyists at any point after serving in their role. That includes presidents, vice presidents, members of Congress, federal judges, and cabinet secretaries. The ban would also extend to all other federal employees, although the restrictions wouldn't be permanent. In those cases, Warren would still instill a general 2-year ban, as well as a 6-year ban for corporate lobbyists.

Among the other ideas Warren outlined in the sweeping proposal are requiring the release of eight years of tax returns for all presidential and vice presidential candidates, as well as the release of returns from the president and vice president each year they are in office. Warren would also ban elected and appointed officials from owning or trading individual stocks while at their post and require presidents and vice presidents to place their businesses into a blind trust to be sold off after being elected.

Vox reports Warren has made it clear this would be the first major legislative priority of her administration if she is elected to the Oval Office next year. Read the full plan here.